Prime Chain


🔷Completed🔷: Phase 1&2

⚙️Ongoing⚙️: Phase 3

Phase 1
Team formation Idea and project conceptualization Technology research and analytics Market research
Phase 2
$PMC Utility research Blockchain development Partnership with Investors and backers Marketing Preparation
Phase 3
Prime Chain testnet launching Marketing campaign kickoff Fair Launch on Pinksale CMC & Coingecko listing Prime DEX launching Decentralized wrapped Tokens & Bridge
Phase 4
Staking available for $PMC holders CEX listing for $PMC Prime Wallet test-net Cross Chain integration Launching dApp on Prime Chain
Phase 5
Prime Chain main-net launching Prime Wallet launching Whitepaper V.2 Release Roadmap Extension Prime-Defi Insurance release
Phase 6
Prime Chain V.2 release Website V.2 Release Binance Listing Integration Prime with Uniswap, Apeswap,...)